Wet Look Patio Paver Sealer - Masonry Defender
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Wet Look Patio Paver Sealer

Wet Look Patio Paver Sealer

MasonryDefender® Patio Paver Sealer is designed to protect and beautify: clay brick, clay paver stones, cement paver stones and natural stone.

MasonryDefender® Patio Paver Sealer is a durable, water-based, clear sealer. Designed for a beautiful satin sheen, or wet-look. . MasonryDefender® Patio Paver Sealer is formulated with a high performance acrylic resin that provides protection from both water and the ultra-violet light of the sun. MasonryDefender® Patio Paver Sealer can be used on most types of horizontal, above grade concrete applications.


This product is designed to protect clay or concrete patio pavers once they have been properly cleaned with MasonryDefender All Purpose Masonry & Concrete Cleaner.




This product is step 2 of a 2 step system. To activate your warranty, both steps must be followed. First, clean the surface with MasonryDefender All Purpose Masonry & Concrete Cleaner. Then apply Patio Paver Sealer.  Once you make your purchase, you can register your warranty here.




Clean surface with MasonryDefender All Purpose
Masonry & Concrete Cleaner per label instructions.
If oil or grease stains are present, use a high quality
degreasing cleaner available at most hardware or
home improvement stores. If desired, a pressure
washer can be used to rinse cleaner off and may
result in a cleaner surface than rinsing with a garden
hose alone. Allow adequate time for the pavers to
thoroughly dry. Under sunny, dry conditions, this will
normally take 2-3 days.

Mix thoroughly before use. Apply two uniform coats
of material to pavers with a pump-up garden sprayer
with a fan-type nozzle. You can also use an airless
sprayer, brush, or roller. Allow the first coat to dry
completely, approximately two hours, before
applying the second coat. Avoid puddling and/or
ponding of the product on the surface. Brush or roll
product out until it is evenly disbursed, and all
puddles are removed. Less material will be required
on the second coat than was required on the first
coat. Use soap and water to remove overspray as
soon as possible.

Coverage Rate: Cement Pavers: 75-150 sq. ft. per
gallon. Clay Pavers: 150-200 sq. ft. per gallon.
Coverage rates will vary depending on surface
porosity. Do not thin product.

Note: Over-application of material may cause
darkening of surface. Product will cause stains left on
surface being treated to darken. Remove all stains
before applying.

Storage and Disposal: Do not store below 32° F.
Dispose of this container and any unused product in
accordance with all federal, state, and local

Dry Time: Surface will be dry to touch in 1-2 hours,
depending on temperature and humidity. Allow 24
hours before using. Allow 7 days before exposure to
hot tire traffic.

Cleanup: Clean tools immediately after each use
with soap and water.