Concrete Driveway Sealer - Masonry Defender
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Concrete Driveway Sealer

Concrete Driveway Sealer

MasonryDefender® Concrete Driveway Sealer is suitable for residential driveways, patios, and sidewalks; to provide long-lasting water repellency. It is ideally suited for concrete where maximum de-icing salts protection is needed. MasonryDefender® Concrete Driveway Sealer is breathable, non-film forming, and will not alter surface color or appearance.

MasonryDefender® Concrete Driveway Sealer protects most horizontal, exterior, above-grade concrete surfaces. Natural substrate color and surface textures are unaffected with little or no gloss created. Slight darkening may occur on dense surfaces. Testing is recommended before treating any surface to ensure desired results.

This product is designed to protect concrete driveways, sidewalks, and patios once they have been properly cleaned with MasonryDefender All Purpose Masonry & Concrete Cleaner.





This product is step 2 of a 2 step system. To activate your warranty, both steps must be followed. First, clean the surface with MasonryDefender All Purpose Masonry & Concrete Cleaner. Then apply Concrete Driveway Sealer.  Once you make your purchase, you can register your warranty here.



Clean surface with MasonryDefender All Purpose Masonry
& Concrete Cleaner per label instructions. If oil or grease
stains are present, use a quality degreasing cleaner
available at most hardware or home improvement stores. If
desired, a pressure washer can be used to rinse cleaner off
and may result in a cleaner surface than rinsing with a
garden hose alone. Allow surface to dry, waiting a minimum
of 6 hours before proceeding to next step.

Apply a single application of Concrete Driveway Sealer with
a low pressure pump-up garden sprayer so that the surface
remains wet for two to three minutes before final absorption.
Avoid puddling or ponding; brush or broom to spread
material until it thoroughly penetrates the surface.
Coverage Rate: Coverage rates will typically range from
90-150 sq. ft. per gallon depending on surface porosity. Do
not thin product.

Note: Over-application of material may cause darkening of

Storage and Disposal: Do not store below 32° F. Dispose
of this container and any unused product in accordance
with all federal, state, and local regulations.

Dry Time: Surface will be dry in 2-6 hours, depending on
temperature and humidity. Allow 24 hours before driving on

Cleanup: Clean tools immediately after each use with soap
and water