Garage Floor Sealer - Masonry Defender Protect Concrete Garage Floors
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Garage Floor Sealer

Garage Floor Sealer

MasonryDefender® Garage Floor Sealer is formulated for sealing properly cured concrete surfaces. It leaves an attractive, durable, gloss finish that protects concrete from moisture, oil stains and abrasion/wear.


MasonryDefender® Garage Floor Sealer is suitable for use on all concrete surfaces including garage floors, concrete patios, driveways and sidewalks.This product is designed to protect concrete garage floors, once they have been properly cleaned with MasonryDefender All Purpose Masonry & Concrete Cleaner.





This product is step 2 of a 2 step system. To activate your warranty, both steps must be followed. First, clean the surface with  MasonryDefender All Purpose Masonry & Concrete Cleaner. Then apply Garage Floor Sealer.  Once you make your purchase, you can register your warranty here.




For newly poured concrete: After allowing new concrete to
cure for 28 days, use muriatic acid (available at most hardware
or home improvement stores) according to directions to etch
and prepare the surface. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry
completely before using MasonryDefender® Garage Floor
Sealer. It is extremely important to rinse the surface thoroughly
with water after using muriatic acid to bring the substrate to a
neutral ph level (7). Testing with ph paper should be done prior
to using Garage Floor Sealer to ensure that a neutral ph has
been achieved. After rinsing, surface should be allowed to dry
a minimum of three to five days prior to sealing. Applying sealer
over an acidic substrate will most likely result in failure.
For existing concrete: Clean surface with MasonryDefender
All Purpose Masonry & Concrete Cleaner per label instructions.
If oil or grease stains are present, use a quality degreasing
cleaner available at most hardware or home improvement
stores. If desired, a pressure washer can be used to rinse
cleaner off and may result in a cleaner surface than rinsing with
a garden hose alone. Allow surface to dry, waiting a minimum
of 6 hours before proceeding to next step.

Mix thoroughly before use. Apply two uniform coats of material to
new, previously untreated concrete surfaces with a pump-up
garden sprayer with a fan-type nozzle. You can also use an airless
sprayer, pad applicator, or short nap roller. Allow the first coat of
material to dry sufficiently to walk on, but not more than 4 hours,
prior to application of the second coat. Avoid puddling or ponding
of product: brush or roll material until it thoroughly penetrates the
surface. Block all drains and use absorptive coverings to contain
run-off or excess material. Use soap and water to remove
overspray as soon as possible.

Coverage Rate: 100 – 150 square feet per gallon on concrete.
Coverage rates will vary based on the porosity of the substrate.
Note: Over-application of material may cause darkening of

Dry Time: 1-2 hours, depending on temperature and humidity.
Allow 4-6 hours cure time before exposing to foot traffic. Allow 6
days cure time before exposure to heavy traffic, such as forklifts,
automobiles, etc…

Cleanup: Remove any over-spray immediately with soap and
water. Dry film can be removed using a razor scraper. Thoroughly
rinse equipment with clean water.